As with any unique and creative art form, there are always those who try to replicate or copy the work of others. However, it’s important to note that not all art is created equal, and that genuine deck-of-cards art takes a certain level of skill and expertise to create.

If you come across someone claiming to sell similar art, it’s important to ask questions and investigate the authenticity of their work. For example, are they using genuine Bicycle or Theory 11 cards? Do they have a process for ensuring the authenticity of the shuffle? Are they able to provide a certificate of authenticity?

It’s also worth noting that some copycats may try to replicate the unique top poker hands or other specific sequences that are present in genuine deck-of-cards art. However, it’s highly unlikely that these sequences were achieved through a genuine shuffle, and it’s important to be cautious when encountering such claims.

At the end of the day, genuine deck-of-cards art is a unique and beautiful expression of creativity, and it’s important to support the artists who put their time, skill, and expertise into creating it. By staying vigilant and asking the right questions, we can help ensure that this art form continues to thrive and evolve.