Crafting Art from Chaos: Unraveling the Deck of Art Process

Introduction: At Deck of Art, our passion lies in the convergence of art and the mesmerizing world of playing cards. We have embarked on a journey to create masterpieces that celebrate the beauty of randomness, each piece a testament to the artistry of shuffling techniques and the allure of infinite possibilities. Join us as we unveil the intricacies of our unique art process, a harmonious symphony of creativity, precision, and passion.

Step 1 – Choice: Deck Picking

Handpicked Decks of Playing Cards Every piece of art at Deck of Art begins with the careful selection of premium decks of playing cards. We scour the market for exquisite designs, partnering with renowned card companies like Bicycle and Theory 11, ensuring that every deck embodies quality and artistry.

Step 2 – Shuffle: Mix it for the Record

The Rhythm of Authentic Shuffling Embracing the elegance of real shuffling techniques, we weave our art from the mesmerizing dance of cards. From the rhythmic Riffle Shuffle to the graceful Straddle Faro, each technique brings its own charm to the canvas, resulting in a uniquely randomized arrangement. All recorded for authenticity.

Step 3 – Canvas: A1 is The Way to Go

A Canvas for Creativity As the cards settle into their new positions, we transfer them onto A1 size canvases. The canvas acts as a blank slate, ready to bear witness to the unfolding artistry of the cards. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every card aligns seamlessly to create a harmonious visual symphony.

Step 4 – Framing: It needs to hang… somehow…

Framing the Elegance To accentuate the beauty of our art, each piece is elegantly framed with wood, carefully selected to complement the design. We believe that the frame should be an extension of the art, enhancing the overall allure of the masterpiece.

Step 5 – Certificate: Legally Singed

Certifying Authenticity With every Deck of Art creation, we provide a personalized certificate, signed by the artist, guaranteeing the authenticity of the shuffled arrangement. This certificate serves as a testament to the uniqueness of each piece, a testament to the marriage of art and chance.

Step 6 – Enjoyment & “Thank you”

Unleashing Infinite Creativity At Deck of Art, we take pride in our commitment to creativity. While some shuffles may reveal rare poker hands, others showcase mesmerizing color patterns. Our process celebrates the unbridled joy of randomness, allowing each piece to unravel its story to the beholder.

Deck of Art invites you to step into a world where art transcends the canvas and becomes a dance of cards, a celebration of the harmony between precision and chance. Our art process pays homage to the beauty of chaos and the infinite creativity that lies within. Join us on this artistic odyssey as we continue to craft breathtaking masterpieces, each a testament to the enchanting allure of the Deck of Art process.