Cubism Redefined: Deck of Art’s Modern Artistry

Deck of Art, London’s beacon of artistic innovation, steps into the realm of Modern Art Cubism with a refreshing perspective that transcends conventional boundaries. In the dance between cards and canvas, our collection echoes the revolutionary spirit of Cubism, inviting viewers to witness a fusion of geometry, abstraction, and dynamic perspectives.

The Geometric Symphony

Cubism, famously pioneered by Picasso and Braque in the early 20th century, embraced geometric shapes and shattered perspectives. At Deck of Art, this iconic style finds new life in the ordered chaos of shuffled cards. Each piece becomes a geometric symphony, a visual dialogue that challenges traditional notions of representation.

Deck of Cards, Canvas of Cubism

In the hands of our artists, the deck of cards transforms into a canvas of Cubism. The shuffling process, seemingly random, conceals an intentional arrangement—a nod to the intricate geometric structures found in Cubist masterpieces. The result is a dynamic interplay of forms, inviting viewers to explore the depths of multiple perspectives.

Breaking Boundaries with Every Shuffle

Deck of Art breaks artistic boundaries, much like the Cubist movement did in its time. The fusion of cards and Cubism isn’t just an aesthetic choice; it’s a celebration of breaking down reality into essential shapes and reassembling them in a kaleidoscopic visual narrative. Each shuffle becomes a rebellion against artistic norms, a tribute to the revolutionary spirit of Cubism.


Deck of Art’s exploration of Modern Art Cubism is a testament to our commitment to redefining artistic boundaries. Join us on a visual journey where every shuffle becomes a celebration of geometric innovation, and every piece tells a Cubist-inspired story.