here is a list that’s constantly expanding on our rules when creating our art. but with every rule there is always an exception… so this is more like a guidance.

  • All cards have top and bottom – yes for some it’s impossible to distinguish but with cards that are odd numbers and with specific symbols we will make sure they cards are always up right on the canvas. Check if you 7 of club is not up-side-down.
  • Card sizes – cards may vary, but for most classic poker size cards we use 25mm and 5mm rules when it comes to spacing on a canvas.
  • If a card deck has an extra card with details about design or background story of a deck, we prefer to include it.
  • Video recordings of your shuffles can be requested on demand.
  • We happy to shift starting location of 1st card if it would help to identify poker hands in following rows.
  • We prefer “shuffling chaos” method for our shuffles – so all shuffles’ movements are as unique as the outcome – impossible to replicate.